Sunday, October 9, 2016

Perfect Friday & Saturday

We had the best time in Flora over the weekend. It was a short trip but a very good one. On Friday night Trenton went to bed early. Therefore, I snuck out and went to the football game. Do you know how amazing it felt to get out of the house at night!! is a feeling that I can't even explain, especially when it is very rare when  it happens. That is just ONE of the many things about our life with autism that I just don't talk about enough. When you are forced in your home all the time, it is incredible to be able to get out. A simple thing that almost everyone takes for granted!

Anyway, I attended my brothers football game, he is the head coach, on a Friday night. The last time I tried was several years ago and  all I did was chase Trenton around the track while he we didn't stay.
The look on Andrew's face when I told him that we were going to Uncle Brian's football game was priceless! I am not sure what made him smile more....the fact that we were going to a football game at night or the fact that Mommy and him were doing something at night! Oh it was awesome!!
For the past five years even if someone offered for me to go and do something at night, I couldn't because the boys didn't sleep, especially Trenton. I went on two hours of broken sleep every single night. Now, it is amazing! Trenton will stay in bed till 4 AM every morning unless he has been overstimulated and put in uncomfortable situation and then he has issues sleeping and occasionally there is flukes but overall I can count on him to sleep till 4 AM. Andrew goes to bed late so I normally get to bed around 11 and sleep till 4 and it is the best!!!!!! THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was explaining this to a few people lately and they couldn't believe that I thought that was great. If you have been through what I have the past 5 years, so would you! TRUST ME!!

Anyway, on Saturday we went to a pumpkin patch and the boys did great! It melts my heart watching them together daily. I can really see what I am teaching them daily and it melts my heart!!!
They had so much fun together.....they giggled...they laughed....they held hands....they simply had fun and it was awesome to watch it!

Trenton waited on Andrew a few times and it made Andrew's day! Andrew's shoe fell off and Trenton picked it up and put it on for him! WOW!!!!! They really do watch out for each other:)
One time a little girl passed Trenton climbing up a slide and Andrew thought the girl was mean to Trenton which she wasn't but Andrew was being protective of Trenton. Andrew talked for the whole next hour about how he wasn't going to let anyone be mean to Trenton because that is his brother and he needs him! Seriously was precious! I teach Andrew to watch out for Trenton and to help him in life, etc. and Andrew is obviously listening and doing everything that I am teaching him.

The pumpkin patch in my hometown is the perfect place to take Trenton. He has been there every single year since he was 14 months old. It is never very busy, not noisy but rather a peaceful, quiet place which is the perfect combination for him. So thankful we have that place to go to! Plus, he is with me and anytime I am with him, it goes better:)  I am not only his mother but I am also his parent, his person that has done everything for him...that has went through everything for him and that builds one heck of a special bond!

We went back to my parents house and had lots of fun on Saturday. We even ended our night out of the house again!! Again, Trenton went to bed so Andrew, Nana, and I snuck out of the house. I showed Andrew some good, ole fashion fun of teepeeing! I had to explain a lot to him but in the end, he loved it! When we were all said and done he got in the van and said, "We rocked it." It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend!

Andrew and I with my younger brother, Brent. Nana cut off Andrew's head but he obviously wasn't paying attention anyway.

 My cute pumpkins:)

 I asked Andrew what his favorite part of the trip to Flora was and he said...."My tractor ride and football game and teepeeing and just being there Mooches. I want to live there."
Andrew asked about every other day when he can go to Nana's house next. He also cries every time we leave and it breaks everyone's heart.

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  1. It was an awesome weekend! Thanks to Grandma Great for sitting with Trenton while he slept, so we could all go to the football 🏈 game! Great win Wolves!! It was a fun weekend! I miss the boys already! Trenton was a real Nana's boy again!!! Of course, I enjoyed that! ❤.. teepeeing was a blast! Andrew was a pro!