Monday, October 3, 2016


I had my second book signing this past weekend. I did not have as many people attend this one compared to the one in my hometown. However, I met and talked to some amazing autism and special needs parents.  I feel like I really made some connections and new friends. I felt great at the end of the weekend because I love connecting with other special needs families.
I met an autism mom who I could really relate to. She reminds me so much of where I was two years ago with Trenton. She cried talking to mom cried....and I teared up. It is amazing the bond that special needs parents have.

Then, the weekend and Monday kept on getting better. I received the nicest message Sunday night from a lady who read my book. She doesn't have a family member with autism. She learned a lot from my book and wanted to let me know and that is yet another reason why I wrote the simple, easy to read educational book.

Next, today I get a message from a lady out on the east coast who found my blog one night. My blog led her to buy my book. She sent me a message today telling me how much my book has helped her. She cried reading Chapter 16 on the loneliness because she could relate to it so much. Her message today moved me! Again, another reason why I wrote the fact the main reason why I wrote the book is so other autism parents didn't feel alone! doesn't matter what happens, the book is a success in my eyes:)

Also, I ran into an autism mom at the grocery store that I have been wanting to get to know for a few months but haven't had time to talk to her. I go to church with her but having the boys doesn't allow time to get to know someone. When we go to church we literally leave immediately after church is over to avoid meltdowns. Well, we set a date and are getting together. I am very excited!

It hasn't just been this weekend, I have had numerous messages from people thanking me for my book and all I can say is THANK YOU for taking the time to read. I don't need to be thanked, I need to be thanking you!!! Each and every one of you have made my book very successful! Thanks so much!

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