Thursday, November 10, 2016

Andrew is Five!

I have a birthday boy on my hands tomorrow! Andrew finally gets to hold up a whole hand. My baby boy that was born on Veteran's Day in the year 2011, is five!

He has been such a joy in my life. I have seen him struggle in many ways but I have also witnessed amazing joys in his life.  He has been one of the greatest teachers that I know.

As Andrew gets older, he is becoming one of the sweetest little boys with the biggest heart. It sure makes me know that I am raising him up right. He has a love for God that is very strong and a love for his brother that keeps growing daily and it is amazing to watch.

He is very in tuned to the world and catches on to things that many kids his age would never catch on to or even realize, let alone  talk about. Not many children at the age of four talks about how hurt he is  and sad about something but he is going to love and show others how to be good. He knows when people do wrong and it upsets him but he wants to help them. Seriously....Andrew is amazing. I would love to get in his brain and find out even more that he doesn't talk about.

He still has many challenges due to his autism and they become more evident as he gets older. However, he is a hard worker. Between him and his Mommy who works daily to help him, he will be the best he can be one day. I just know it:)

Enjoy being five Andrew! It is a honor to be your Moochies and to spend our life together. I love you more than you ever know.

It's been an amazing 5 years so far!

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  1. Happy Birthday,Andrew!! Xoxoxo Where did the last five years go? I know you have a lot more to teach us in the next five! You are one special, little boy!