Monday, November 21, 2016

Everyone has a story

One of my daily devotions today was "Everyone has a story". The devotion was as if I wrote it. It is absolutely everything that I have said before. It  was my exact words when I spoke at my last event...everyone has a story. What is your story?

Often when I am in the grocery story or at the gym running I look at someone and wonder what their story is. Do they too have a child with special needs? Have they went through a divorce? Have they lost a parent, a child, or a friend too soon?  Are they suffering from cancer? Do they suffer from a terrible, hidden disability? What is their story?

Each and every one of us has a story. Just as Tim McGraw's big hit says, " Stay humble and kind." We all need to be humble and kind to everyone. We do not know what the struggles of the person next to us in the check out line goes through. So instead of pulling up your phone and getting on Facebook, look at them and give them a nice nod or smile. Speak to them...say hi...strike up a conversation. It could be someone who is literally dying inside and it just might make their day a little brighter.

We can't control how our life turns out. God is in control and handles that.

As my story goes on with the boys, I have found myself to be more compassionate to others. It's okay if the lady you passed in the grocery store doesn't smile at you....maybe she just found out about the death of a loved one. Therefore, just give everyone a nice nod and a smile. Help spread love to others. It is exactly what God would have wanted.

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