Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I have a lot more followers these days, so it is time for another introduction!

Below is a picture of Trenton, aka T-man. He is my first born son who has severe autism. He is the reason my life took a traumatic turn in 2010. Trenton is non-verbal. He can say a few words such as juice, cookie, spaghetti, ketchup. However, overall he can't communicate his needs. He literally did not sleep the first 5 years of his life. Now, thank goodness, he does! We may be up everyday at 4 AM but he will sleep till that! Woot Woot!!
He has a lot of sensory needs and they are severe. He has to constantly be moving. His body needs it. It helps him to feel his body. He is not a child that can just sit still, he has to move. He paces and runs non-stop. He is rarely still.

He is a wanderer. Hence why we have special locks on our doors. He doesn't know danger. He has severe anxiety issues. He can not go places, especially unfamiliar, small indoor places like a home or restaurant. This is due to his anxiety and sensory problems. He does much better at unfamiliar  places if it is outside but it has to be low-key and with Mommy. Even at that, he only last about 45 minutes. He makes a lot of upset noises and sounds when his anxiety is acting up.

It took me 16 months but we finally achieved potty training, with pee anyway. It was brutal! However, I am so glad that I stuck through all the kicks, screams, scratches, pulling of hair and everything else because the long hard 16 months was worth it! He can't tell me when he has to  go, I just make sure I take him to the bathroom regularly to avoid accidents.

Trenton doesn't play with toys. Instead he just paces and walks around the house and make messes. He loves to scatter his animal figures and line them up but he won't play with them. He likes to just look at his animals. He loves to watch Baby Einstein videos on youtube and Elmo's World.

He is my hero! The reason behind all of my advocating and awareness that I do. He is truly my heart and I am truly his voice:)
Below is my second born son, Andrew, aka Lil A. Andrew has mild autism and is completely different than Trenton in almost every trait of his autism. Andrew talks and doesn't know when to stop. He has to know every single little detail of everything. He has a hard time reading social cues and to know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.

He is very social and wants friends. However, he doesn't know how to make friends and doesn't know how to play appropriately with his peers. He gets really low self esteem. Once something wrong happens, it can ruin his day and he won't recover till the next day if he recovers at all.
He has a lot of sensory problems as well. He is very sensitive to noise and his whole surroundings in general. He is delayed in motor skills and appears to be clumsy to others but he simply has a difficult time managing his body as he gets bigger.

Andrew will get an obsession and fixate on it and it literally controls his life until he gets a new obsession. Andrew loves Cars, PJ Mask, Blaze and the Monster Machine, and superheroes!

Andrew is my other hero and the reason I do all of my advocating work.
There is so much more to both boys but I just wanted to give you a quick introduction....Oh I guess I should introduce myself, right?

I am a former special education teacher. I currently am unable to work. I take care of the boys and manage therapy and school schedules daily. I am a single mother. My ex-husband left a year ago. I do a lot of freelance writing which lead to my first book, Two Brothers One Journey: The Loving, Courageous Struggles of an Autism Mom.. I volunteer for Autism Speaks and The Autism Society of Indiana. I do anything that I can to connect the autism world together. I am very active in all autism awareness events. When I do have a few minutes of spare time I love to drink coffee and run!

Thank you so much for following our story and allowing me to educate you on what life is like with two little boys on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

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