Sunday, November 6, 2016

Speaking Event

I had the honor and privilege to speak at the Lawrence Crawford Association for Exceptional Citizens on Friday night. I was asked to come speak, share my story, and my book. It was the best night! Seriously! It was the second time I spoke in front of an audience and there was a very nice size crowd which made me nervous. LOL! It was the first time I got to speak about my book. What an amazing night it was!!

LCAEC is about supporting the independence of individuals with Intellectual Disabilities to the fullest extent possible.  Their goal is to do whatever they can to help them overcome the challenges their disabilities present and live full, enjoyable, productive and as "normal" a life as those without those disabilities.

They operate sheltered workshops in Lawrenceville and Robinson, IL as well as an 8-bed CILA home in Robinson.  They are able to provide a wide range of services from Evaluation to Case Coordination to Goal Setting and Work/Work Training, as well as Referral to other agencies and organizations. 

The banquet they had on Friday night was to honor all of the businesses in the areas that keep this organization going. It was for the families and the individuals they help and for their employees. I met some AMAZING families. It was nice to see and talk to families of grown adults and to hear their encouraging words. To talk to a family who has lived through it and is going through the adult stage of a child with a disability really helps prepare me for what lies ahead.

As I took the stage, I was nervous but within minutes my nerves were gone and I felt great! I do believe this is just the very beginning of an amazing advocating role. As I told my crowd, " Everyone's life is a story. I chose to tell mine to help others and to help connect the lonely world of autism." No one else is going to advocate for their children other than the parents and loved ones.

I was so happy that my mother, who has been one of my biggest supporters and biggest help to the boys was there to watch me. Lil A was there too! It was awesome to look out in the crowd and to see him sitting on his Nana's lap while I spoke and talked about the disability that simply makes things hard for him.

It was bittersweet to see all of the adults with autism and other intellectual disabilities. A few grown men reminded me of Trenton and I sat there wondering if I was looking at my future. They made me smile and I just wanted to go up to each and every one of them and hug them for ever.

I can't praise this organization enough! When I move back to Clay County, Illinois I just may switch my goals and dreams and look into getting an organization like this going. Lawrence and Crawford Counties in Illinois are very blessed by this organization and praise to the businesses that donate and help this organization keep on going because we all know the state of Illinois lacks in funds.

I wish I had a pictures from the night. My mother forgot to take pictures of me speaking and I was extremely busy selling books and talking to people. So I don't have pictures:(

Below is Andrew and I right before we left for the banquet. He was so cute on Friday night. Before they called my name he gave me a great big kiss and said "Good luck Moochies"
As I always say, It is amazing the doors the good Lord will open for you if you trust in his plan! Praise all my glory to Him for everything!


  1. Angie this sounded amazing!! I'm sure you were a big and great success! Also, sounds like a wonderful organization. Andrew looked so cute in picture! Ang, you are such a GREAT advocate abd truly believe God definitely has a plan for you. Take care, God bless. Miss you

  2. We were so honored that you shared your story with us. You gave me an entire new view of what happens past that 8 hour day. God bless you and your boys.