Sunday, December 11, 2016

I. Love. You

I've been very proud of T-man lately. He has had fewer potty accidents with both if you know what I mean:)
At one point this weekend when he had a number two accident in his pants, I took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up like I always do. When we were all done we went to this room to get on some underwear and pants. As I was getting his underwear out of the drawer he started clapping and smiled great big and shouted. " I. Love. You." and just kept smiling and clapping.

I had not said it to him so he didn't repeat it. However, I do feel like it was his way of thanking me for cleaning him up and taking care of him. It brought instant tears and an instant smile to my face.
He is so smart. I just know he says stuff all the time in his head, it just can't come out. Moments like these make all the sacrifice worth it.

Life is hard. Some days are harder than others. It is so easy to get frustrated and long for a better life. However, moments like I had earlier this weekend just simply make everything better. Its the gas for my engine to keep moving. I feel so blessed to have had that moment. Every time I hear him say it spontaneously is a miracle. It is proof of our hard work and sacrifice since he started therapies at 18 months of age. It is simply a miracle that I get to witness and be a part of from time to time.
It might mean something more today than it did the last time he did it a few months ago because he and I have had it very rough lately. It was simply the best "early" Christmas gift that he could have given me:)

He also has done some pretend play and imitating lately. YAY!!!

He wanted to feed all of his friends at once:)

The pretend play and imitating came from a video that he watched. It only lasted a few minutes but it was the closest that he had came to playing with anything in a very long time at home!!!!!!!!!!!

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