Thursday, December 22, 2016

Senstive Santa

I am so grateful that a local small mall in my town had a "Sensitive Santa" for kids on the spectrum and other disabilities. SO THANKFUL!! It was one of the most amazing experiences. It was in a very quiet mall. The Santa was set up in room away from all the mall noise. The time was blocked out for special needs families only! WOW!! I recall last year walking into the big, noisy mall trying to get the boys to see Santa and the line was long, way too much stimulation going on with music and lights. Trenton started throwing himself down on the ground. I had to constantly redirect him while he was crying......but this different!

This Santa was amazing! He talked to Trenton in such a very quiet, soothing voice. It was obvious he knew about autism. The photographers who took the picture were fantastic. It was very obvious they knew about autism as well. The whole experience was exactly what I needed! To top it all off, it was free of charge to families like ours and it came with a free picture!!  This doesn't happen every day and I am so grateful! The cost of raising special needs children is highway robbery these days, especially for a one parent family.  Therefore, a gift such as a free entry to see Santa and a free picture means a lot!

Honestly, I held back my tears until I got in the car and then I cried. Something that typical families do was made possible for us because of special accommodations. That is exactly what special needs and autism families need. We just need special accommodations to make things possible for us.
Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible today. You simply made our Christmas a little brighter this year;)


  1. It's really awesome that they do that! I'm so glad he got a good picture with Santa!! Trenton is looking more and more like his Uncle Brian. Poor little feller:)

    1. Lol! Trenton has always looked like Brian, even when he was a baby. Trenton and Ledger look alot alike!

  2. This is Nana, not Pops, I had to chuckle at Elizabeth's comment!!!! Actually, you are not the only one that has said he favors his Uncle Brian! I have a picture of Brian when he was little in a shirt almost identical to the one Trenton has on in this picture...I kinda had a "flashback" moment myself!!! Love..Love.Love this picture!!!!

  3. I chuckled as well. Sorry T man!!!