Monday, January 30, 2017

Introduction time!

I have so many new followers! Thank you so much! I like to introduce myself from time to time so all my new followers know exactly who I am. Tonight, I want to do that while I give you a little history on myself:)

I am a soon to be 36 year old autism mom to two amazing boys. I love to write about autism and to share my knowledge of IEPs and special education. I have my bachelors in special education. Very ironic! It has definitely helped me on my journey with the boys! I no longer teach. I am just a single momma who takes care of the boys and their therapies.  I published a book last year that you can find here....

 I grew up in Southern Illinois in a small town on a farm. I LOVED the small town life and farm. I loved my animals and everything about my life! I had amazing parents who raised me up knowing God and that has greatly impacted my life!
I was an athlete. I played three sports my whole life. I was on my way to furthering my basketball career after high school until my health had other plans. I faced some big health issues when I was 18 and never ended up playing college ball.

Life took me in all different directions. In my twenties I met the boys father and we got married.  In our short marriage we had a miscarriage and two boys who were diagnosed with autism. We moved from Illinois to Indiana in December of 2015 in order to get better help for the boys. Not even a full year later, my husband left and I was divorced a year ago.

I have had my trials in life
  • health issues in late teens
  • miscarriage
  • two boys with autism
  • divorce
  • health issues now in my 30s
Even though I have had my trials, I have been greatly blessed in life. My life didn't lead me to where I wanted to be. However, God knew better and had other plans. I face each day and get through each day through my strength that the good Lord provides. If it wasn't for my faith, I am not sure where I would be.

My oldest, Trenton, is 6 1/2 years old. He receives ABA full time and speech and occupational therapy. He has a lot of sensory problems. He has to be constantly moving and jumping.  He is mostly non-verbal but can say a few words when prompted a lot. We recently achieved potty training! YAY!!! He doesn't make eye contact. He does not do anything age appropriately and probably never will. His autism is severe. I could speak all day about his challenges. However, if you follow my blog, you will eventually learn.
He loves his stuffed animals and youtube videos!

Andrew is 5 years old and has a diagnosis of high functioning autism. As he gets older his autism becomes more evident. He is verbal and takes language very literal which causes issues. He has a lot of OCD problems as well as anxiety. One of his biggest challenges is how to socialize properly. His anxiety takes over in situations and he becomes very socially awkward.
He easily gets fixated on something and can't get it off his mind and won't move on. Again, I could speak a long time on his trials but you will learn as you follow our blog.

It is not easy watching your child live their one life with such trials and difficulties. It is hard to live a life with autism. The one disability that no one can really understand. The one disability that gets judged so often. Therefore, I decided I wanted to do as much advocating and educating that I can in order to help my boys!

Both boys have taught me so much about the important things in life. They have made me understand many things from the Bible much better.

I have my days where I get down and lonely just like you. It is very common among autism and special needs parents. It was difficult in the beginning of my autism journey to understand a lot of why questions. However, I have learned to look at the positive and try to find out what God is trying to tell me. I have learned to make the most of a difficult journey. I give all glory to God and will praise him always and forever!

Thank you so much for being a follower and a supporter! You help me just as much as I help you!!!

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