Monday, January 2, 2017


Tomorrow, January 3rd, is the day I have been looking forward to since Christmas! We are finally back to normal and got our normal routine and schedule back! Thank goodness!
The rigidness of routine, schedule, and consistency are very crucial to almost every aspect for Trenton.

For a child with autism, the world can feel like an unpredictable place – and since children with autism tend to be anxious, unpredictable equals frightening. In our life, the unpredictable is not following routine and schedule. How can we help this? To try to make things as predictable as possible. I need to try to control the environment to make sure that no new situations come along that make everything frightening again which means our routine and sameness is very important.

Since it has been different the last two weeks, maladaptive behaviors and hyperactivity have been on the rise with both boys but more so with Trenton. Trenton has been over stimulated and the older he gets the longer it takes for him to "come down" from over stimulation. The sad thing is that we really didn't do much this year. We were in Flora and around my family for one night and that is normal for the boys. They have been there since the day they were born. The boys were with their dad and some of their family one day. However, both days involved presents and people talking, etc and that is where the over stimulation occurs in Trenton. We never do extended family and probably never will.

We have to have a nice, quiet house at all times every single day. Yes, I hate it but its what I have to do for him. It's almost two weeks with a different schedule.
All in all, I am just thankful to get back to normal. I wonder how long it will take me to get the routine back?!?!? UGH...............

One good thing did happen over break and that was that I got to spend some time with two of my best friends. These girls and I have been friends for years! They have been great supporters of mine. We live in all opposite directions and I can't remember the last time the three of us were together.
Below is one of our first selfies that the three of us took approximately 18 years ago. (We are in different spots. Can you figure out which one I am?) Sometimes I look back on old pictures and the carefree person that I was and I am just in awe. I had no idea back then what my life had in store for me. NO IDEA!


  1. I LOVE THIS and am stealing that photo!

  2. I miss those beautiful girls.. You have all three grown into beautiful,Christian young women! The three of you sure shared some good times!