Sunday, February 12, 2017


Attitude, the position you decide to take toward life, circumstances, people, and absolutely everything!
I have heard coaches and teachers tell kids before, "You need to get an attitude check."
Sadly, a lot of people need to get some "attitude checks."

Don't get me wrong, we all have bad days or bad moments where we have a bad attitude. I have before and I am confident that you probably have too. It's natural. We are human! It simply happens.

We choose our attitude. Nobody gives it to you but you!

Some things happen in life that brings us to our lowest point and maybe an unpleasant attitude happens.  Your attitude has the power to make or break your day....or even make or break your life! Attitude has the power to control everything. It can either rob you of many blessings or reward you with many blessings.

So where does the attitude come from? It comes from something that happened in your's from something that happened to you, your child, your family or friends. It is simply how you choose to behave toward a situation.

Some people go through the unimaginable....maybe it was the loss of a job, loss of a loved one, health diagnosis of some sort, some kind of life changing event, or maybe their child was born with a disability that will forever challenge them for the rest of their life. No matter what trying situation happened in your life, you choose how you respond to it.

In the beginning of our autism journey, I was a sleep deprived, desperate mother looking for everything to help my boys. It is very hard to accept the diagnosis of one child....then your next child. The battles are indescribable. It is so mind-boggling that is just can't be described to where anyone can picture the day in and day out needs of a child with type 3 autism (severe) and type 1 autism (mild) while being a single parent with no help.

However, the diagnosis are here to stay. Life happened and it brought challenges and heartache. Maybe your life happened and it brought the same. Maybe something incredibly horrible happened to you that no one understands. Whatever happened, we have a choice on how to live the rest of our life. Are you going to embrace the life or are you going to have a bad attitude?

There is much about life that we can't change. But, when you have the right attitude, everything around you changes and life takes a better route in an unexpected journey. It's like dancing in the storm! It's finding the rainbow in the storm.

I have found that when I walk in my faith, it is so much easier to keep the right attitude and to simply pray for the ones who don't.

Romans 12:2 tells us to not conform to the pattern of the world. So basically, don't let the bad things in this world control your life!

Below are some pictures of the boys and I the other night before bed. What the pictures don't show is what happened before the pictures which was the challenges of having a child not able to tell you what they want and all the other trials of autism. I was on the verge of tears before these pictures. But, I reminded myself that "It is what it is" and I can't change it. Instead, I can only move on, do what I need to do, put my faith in God and know that he is always helping us. With that said, I kept a positive attitude and had a great time before bed with the boys. My attitude could have easily went the other way if I would have chose for it to but I didn't. Our whole life could be fueled by a bad attitude...hating everything. But, the boys and I don't chose that life. We are putting our trust in the Lord and maintaining the best attitude that we can have.

If I had the chance to chose this life with the trials of autism or a life with no autism...honestly...I would pick this life! It is hard. It is heartbreaking. It is down right gut wrenching. But, I have met some amazing therapist and coaches that I would have never met before. I have met some of the most amazing people because of autism. I wouldn't know how to really appreciate the small things. I wouldn't see the beauty in the world that I see now.

If it helps your attitude to cry when no one is around, then do it! I am not saying that I don't get down because I do. My boys have a life of trials and that is hard on a Momma! It is not easy to go through life knowing your oldest son will probably live in a home for disabled adults one day. It isn't easy watching your children have so many trials but I choose how I will respond to the world!

I know life is hard. I know it can be unbearable at times but we can't change it. All we can do is pray, put our trust in the Lord, and have an amazing attitude in life. After all, our attitude is our inner soul.

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