Sunday, March 5, 2017

Making Decisions

Andrew has a very difficult time as he gets older on making decisions. If he is given more than two choices he simply freezes and starts stressing out. This trait of his is getting worse as he gets older. Below is a real simple article on Aspergers (high functioning autism). I am posting it because it speaks on processing information and making decisions which is difficult for people like Andrew.

Almost every day he comes home with papers from school that he draws on. He tells me he chooses to sit by himself and draw while everyone else is playing. I ask him why and he tells me many reasons. One of the reasons is because he can't choose which toy to play with so he decides to sit and draw because drawing makes him happy and helps him block everything out that makes him nervous.

Below is one of the family pictures he has drawn lately. He loves to draw pictures of him, Tretnon, and I and of course, he loves to draw his Angry Birds!

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  1. I love how Trenton's and Andrew's eyes 👀 are looking up to their Momma.