Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hope in Todays Youth

Too often in the news you hear of horror stories about kids doing terrible jokes on their peers who have special needs. It is just so gut wrenching to hear and read those stories as a mother with special needs children. One thing that worries me daily is how my boys will be treated by their peers as they get older.

I'm not going to share one of those stories tonight. Instead, I want to share an amazing story of how incredible our youth can be today. We all hear often, "Kids these days..." and most of the time it is followed by talking negative about our youth.

My boys and I have experienced first hand how absolutely incredible today's youth can be. Today's youth just needs  a little education on special needs, great role models, and just maybe a little more acceptance would be spread around the world.

For the last three years I have really wanted a service dog for Trenton. Sadly, the cost of a service dog is almost nearly impossible for a single mom like me to purchase. A teacher from my hometown started a fundraiser to help raise some money for me to purchase a service dog for Trenton. She got the youth involved. She got her students involved. My brother who also teaches with her got his baseball team and football teams involved. Several young high school kids are not only being educated on autism and special needs but they are displaying such amazing gestures to me and my boys. I am so incredibly thankful. There are no words to express how thankful I am toward all of them and what they are doing to help me get this dog for my son. However, what I love the most is their big hearts! I have seen such amazing enthusiasm from them. It is incredible to witness.

Little do these young kids and youth from my home town realize, is that it is giving this special needs mother hope in an area where I need it the most. So many other special needs parents need that same kind of hope. It gives me hope that as my boys get older, they will be accepted by others.....I have hope that their peers and classmates might be educated on their challenges. If only every school, town, and community could just be educated on everyone's different abilities, we just might see a little less judging and a lot more acceptance of others. I have HOPE that acceptance and education of autism and special needs is on the rise and that makes me cry happy tears!!

Not every special need has a visible characteristic which is why education is the key to others knowledge.
So, thank you to all the youth and students from my hometown. Thank you to all their parents who have a role in their big hearts. Thank you to  the entire community and teachers who are supporting this, participating in it, and making a difference in not only my families lives but the lives of the youth.

I am not only on my way to getting a service dog for Trenton but I am on my way to believing in our youth today and what they can accomplish if they are educated in  more than academics:)

Here are some pictures that I stole from Facebook of some of the faces who are making a difference.

 This year was the fourth annual autism awareness game. It keeps growing each year. It was started by my brother who is the high school baseball coach. Trenton and I stopped by the game long enough to get a picture with some of the amazing ladies who are doing this for us!
The field before the autism game. My brother puts a lot of time into decorating the field. I didn't get to see it in person but it looks FABULOUS!

 This group of young men did some great community charity work and the donation went to Trenton's dog:)

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