Thursday, May 25, 2017


T-man's therapist got a really good picture of him the other day at therapy. I love when he smiles! It's very rare for him to smile and look at me. He smiles and laughs at his animals and while he does his thing in his own little world. However, I long for him to look me in the eye and smile. He does but it is rare and I take full advantage of the moment when it happens.
Overall, he has been in a haze lately and is struggling with trying to communicate. Normally, he is fairly good to tell me, "pizza" when he wants it. However lately, he just goes in the kitchen and looks at the fridge. He can't find the word "pizza" in his brain to even say it. When I show him a pizza and ask him if he wants me to cook it, he just stands there.
He has been getting really engrossed in his own world and has been harder to get him to enter mine at times lately. It's normal for Trenton to go through periods like this. It is just one of the mysteries of autism.

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