Sunday, June 4, 2017

My mom is not sneaking anything in her purse.

I have one son who can't speak and one son who makes up for him! Andrew loves to talk and he says it all! No filter!
I took him to the matinee the other day while Trenton was at therapy. He ALWAYS wants candy when he goes to the movies. I told him that we were going to stop at the dollar store and get cheaper candy. We bought our cheaper candy and I put in my purse to hide it so we could walk in because you aren't suppose to bring in anything from outside. As we are walking i...n, Andrew starts yelling, "My mom is not sneaking anything in her purse. There is nothing in her purse okay. There is no candy in her purse. We aren't doing anything wrong, okay."
I couldn't even look the cashier in the eye. This boy just tells everyone absolutely everything!! I didn't even tell him that we weren't suppose to do that either! I'm not sure where this kid comes from on some days.
God bless him.

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