Thursday, June 1, 2017


Last week was a first for me! I left Trenton with my parents over night. I haven't been away from him at night before. He has always had me at night. I am the person he wants at night if he wakes up. I am his person....therefore, I have never left him. But, for the first I did it last weekend. I handled it fairly well:)

The only time I got a little shaky was when my mom called me telling me he was walking around the her house crying and saying my name:( It made me upset but I knew he was in good hands. She got him to calm down and everything else went smoothly.

When I arrived home after the weekend, I got greeted with the most amazing smile from Trenton. I have NEVER seen that kind of smile on his face. He was so giddy! He kept putting his hand to his mouth smiling and looking me in the eye. It was an awesome moment that lasted for a good five minutes. He was SOOOO HAPPY to see me and I was so happy to see him!

Andrew and I had a good time on our adventure. We made a new friend, Alee.

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