Sunday, July 30, 2017

AAC Device

I am so thankful for Trenton's AAC device! It sure took a long time but it was worth it! Overall he seems to be more vocal with his device. Several people who work with him have even noticed it. In the picture below he was at his favorite pizza restaurant. As soon as we sat down he told me on his device that he wanted, "pizza and salad."
In this picture he was typing out different words before speech therapy the other day.
Twice this week he said, "Nana and Pop". He has never spontaneously said their names together. Today at church he told the lady who takes care of him during the sermon, "see Mommy" and I believe he also typed it out.
Tonight when I said that it was bath time. He did the sign language for "bath". I haven't seen him do that in a long time.

One form of communication often brings out other forms of communication. Many times Trenton would be in my kitchen looking for food but he couldn't find the words to tell me. Now, he goes to his device and finds the picture and says the word!! I am SOOOOO HAPPY AND PROUD OF HIM!!!! He is one happy kid with his device!!!
All praise to the good Lord to making this happen for us!

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  1. Nana and Pops are so proud of you, Trenton!!! Keep up the good work! Love you!