Thursday, July 13, 2017

Swim Lessons

We have done swim lessons for three years now. Andrew still can't swim. He is a very slow learner in this area. He can't learn from groups due to his issues. Therefore, one on one is the best for him. So this year marks three years of one on one swim lessons and our progress is very slow. On some days, he does okay and other days he is deathly afraid of the water. He tells his instructor that he went under the water one time and is afraid of water now and thinks he is going to drown. He is very afraid of water I have to say. My goal is to get him to swim, we all need to know how to swim because we never know when we may need to use that ability. Three years of expensive swim lessons but we will do what we need to!
Needless to say, our Thursdays are spent in swim lessons!

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