Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Uncle Bob

Last week I went back to Flora for my Uncle Bob's funeral.  He had one beautiful service. It was so amazing to see everything that the town of Flora did for their mayor, my uncle. The huge flag at the cemetery was very touching.

I was able to attend his visitation and funeral only because of a few nice ladies who watched the boys for me. Watching  Trenton is not easy to watch. Trenton was at my parents house and in a familiar place so that made it better for him. I am forever grateful for this group of women who took on the task of watching them so I could spend the time with my family.

I was lucky and got a volley that was shot in the 21 gun salute at his grave. I will cherish this forever.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Uncle Bob and the boys:)
We always loved going to see him and Aunt Barb on Halloween.
I have many memories of my uncle. I will leave you with a memory that he took to his grave.....Growing up he lived right up the road from us. The summer I was thirteen years old I found myself in a pickle. My dad worked night shift and was in the house with a broken arm. I was bored so I took my dads truck out for  a drive which I did often. I loved driving my dads truck up and down the country roads and in the dirt roads between the fields. Well, unfortunately I got his truck stuck. I knew my dad would not be happy. There was no way I could wake him up with a full cast on his arm.

I called my mom at work and she said to wait till she got home or see if Bob was home. I got off the phone with her and looked down the road toward his house and saw his truck was home. I called Bob and told him about my dilemma. He met me at the site I was stuck in. He pulled me out. After he got the truck out, he looked at me and said, "Jimmie don't need to know about this." Uncle Bob saved the day and my dad just recently knew about this for the first time. Uncle Bob kept his secret and never told a soul:)


  1. What a sweet tribute Angie. Your uncle bob loved you. And thank the wonderful ladies that took care of your boys so you could be with us.

  2. This. Is. Great! Just what a an Uncle is for!

  3. I miss him so much. And he thought the world of you! He definitely kept your secret because I hadn't heard that story before a year ago.