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Two Brothers One Journey: The Loving, Courageous Struggles of an Autism Mom was published in July 2016. It is an easy-to-read book for newly diagnosed parents of a child with autism. When I sat down to write the book I was literally visioning myself talking to a new family facing the autism diagnosis. I wanted them to know exactly what might be in store for them on their new journey.

My book details the emotional roller coaster ride that families embrace while raising a child on the spectrum. I share the details of sleepless nights, judgmental looks and comments from others, the loneliness that comes along with the journey, and much more. I simply didn't want to "sugar coat" anything. I feel it is crucial to be honest from the beginning and to make sure that you, the parent, are fully aware of how your life just changed.

The book is also an excellent read for extended family members, friends, neighbors, and anyone that may come in contact with a family raising child with autism. I was a special education teacher before I had my boys. I knew a lot about autism and other disabilities but I had no idea of what the home life was like. I had no idea of the 24/7 care and worry that comes along with a child with a disability. Therefore, this book is fabulous for therapist, coaches, teachers, and anyone who works with an individuals with autism.  The book will make you understand and have more compassion and empathy for the parents that you work with daily.

It is entirely different to be around a child with autism for a few hours out of the day as compared to raising the child. The hardships that it puts on a family can not even be fathomed by most people.  However, even through the hardships, there is joy to be found and I speak about that in my book as well. It is crucial to focus on the beauty of your child and not the challenges even though I know first hand how difficult that can be on most days.

My experiences may not be like your families experience with autism. Each and every individual is different. However, this is my experience from a mother of two sons with autism and I wanted to share it with you.

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