Thursday, August 29, 2013


I received a note from Trenton's teacher today. On the note said that Trenton looked at a picture of our family ( I sent to school with him a few days ago), and said "mommy" while looking at me! This made my day! I know he can say it but it is so rare that I hear it!
Trenton had a better day today at school. Mommy is so proud of him!
No school tomorrow, we will be in Saint Louis at a doctor appointment.

Trenton had an amazing ABA session with Heather in Effingham today. It was awesome to listen to. Trenton tried to say so many words it was music to my ears. I love to hear that sweet little voice when I can! He is doing super going from school to either Effingham or Olney  for therapy. Trenton loves structure and routine!!!!!!!!!!

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