Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Routine & Habit

After school today, we traveled to Effingham to see Heather! We missed her! Trenton was so excited to get back in his routine with her!  When she came out in the waiting room to get him, he ran straight to his ABA room and sat in his chair ready to work. We are so glad she is back and we are on our full normal schedule again! Thank goodness!

Trenton is still doing fantastic in school! It is unbelievable how he can work in school and go straight to therapy for a few hours on only a few hours of sleep. For example, last night Trenton was up from 11:30 PM to 5:00 AM.  He fell back to sleep at 5:00 and slept for two hours before school. Mommy on the other hand is extremely tired. Trenton is in bed right now as I type but Andrew is going strong!

Trenton said "mom" today but it was out of routine and habit. Not meaningful. Let me explain.....Every time Heather ends her session with Trenton, she tells him, "Let's go see mom." She makes Trenton repeat mom. Today, Heather said, "Lets go see...." Trenton says mom before she could finish. I was very excited to hear that special word out of his mouth but I can't wait til he uses it spontaneously and meaningful! Another example is, I got in the habit of saying " 1,2,3" before I would get Trenton out of the bath tub. He will not get out of the bath tub until I say, "1,2,3."  He does it for me only and only in his bath tub. If he takes a bath at Nana's house, I do not have to say "1,2,3."

This is the area where a majority of people fall short of being educated on autism.  Children and adults with autism are very trainable but in some cases it is out of habit and routine. Another example.... a mother of a  child with autism one time said that her son knows how to wash his hands at home but no where else. It became a habit for him at home but when he is any where else, he has no idea how to wash his hands even though he has a sink, soap, and towel to dry his hands.  I wanted to educated you that the autistic brain is like this. Unfortunately, this is one area that parents are always judged on.

We had some great moments today and I wanted to share some pictures from our day.

 Trenton has some vestibular and proprioceptive sensory problems. Trampolines are a great way to help these areas. Today he used his trampoline a lot!
 Of course, if Trenton is doing it, Andrew is too.

 Another line....can't help but love them!
 These two animals were our "items" of the day.

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