Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hep. Me. Mom

Trenton had a random AWESOME moment today. It made me stop in my tracks, jump up and down, run to Trenton, hugging him and kissing him and telling him how awesome he was. Want to know what he did??? He wanted a box opened that contained a puzzle in it. Trenton walks behind me and  says, "Hep. Me. Mom." WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were just discussing yesterday how Trenton is very mute lately and won't say or attempt to say anything.Then this happens!!! On the other hand, five minutes later he needed help and instead of doing what he just did, he laid on the ground screaming. Autism. Such a mystery!

However, I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day from that five seconds. Not only did he say three words, he said "mom" without repeating it! Music to my ears!  I, unlike the majority of mothers but like the majority of special needs moms, appreciate the very very small things in life and celebrate what most take for granted. Trenton- Thanks for making our Saturday an AMAZING day. Five seconds is all it took but it was the best five seconds I have had in a very long time!

Praise the Lord, Trenton has slept the past two nights! Thank you!!!!!!

Later in the day, I found Trenton trying to wrap his legs up. This is what has been happening when he has shorts on and he sees his "boo boos" We can't have anything foreign on our skin.   Mommy helped him and we got back in our long pants.

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  1. Angie!!!! How awesome that he asked you for help AND called you mom!!!!!!! My favorite post yet.