Thursday, September 19, 2013

Past Few Days

The past few days have had some spectacular moments and some unimpressive  moments. First for the good part! Trenton attempted to say "cereal" at breakfast at school on Wednesday!!!!! Today at breakfast, he pressed " I want juice" button on the Go Talk ( communication device)!!!! Mommy is so proud of him.

For the unimpressive moments.....he fussed and cried all afternoon on Wednesday. He was not happy after school with anything. I actually video taped him for a few minutes through out the whole day and I had full intentions on posting a few clips so you can see what I am talking about. However, I am having trouble getting the videos to upload from my phone to the computer. My intentions on the video were for you to imagine yourself listening to that 70% of our day (on average....some days less, some days more), on an average of three hours a sleep for the past three years of your life. Most of all, image yourself being so tired your whole life but your body will not let you sleep. What it must feel like to be Trenton?? No wonder by mid day he has had it and is very fussy.
I SERIOUSLY about had a nervous breakdown this week. I do not think anything can be harder than living your worst nightmare each day over and over knowing that your nightmare will NEVER leave. I can't believe I haven't had a nervous break down already.
Your worst nightmare would be MUCH EASIER to handle if you and your spouse actually had time to talk and if both actually wanted to talk about "your life".  Just another thing autism ruins.

He does not want the swing this week. In order to meet his sensory urges, we have to drive, drive, drive. Yesterday I put over 60 miles on my car just driving around Clay County.
The past two nights, he has fallen asleep laying on the couch.

Sleep is still atrocious. Clonazepam is not working. Very very scary! I was told this was a "for sure" medicine to make him sleep. However, I am afraid Trenton has this characteristic so severe that he is one that simply does not need to sleep. How am I going to get through a lifetime with no sleep???

Wednesday night
 He wanted his weighted lap pad tonight. Bless his sweet little heart!
I am glad we actually have a day of therapy tomorrow!!! The past few days have been very challenging with no afternoon therapy!

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