Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Play Doh Story

We finally have ABA with Heather again tomorrow. We are excited. We haven't seen her in two weeks and we miss her!
Trenton did a great job in therapy on Monday. He was a busy boy. Our last therapy session didn't end til 5:00 but he did great! I haven't had to listen to any crying, screams, or kicks during ABA in our home for several weeks! This is wonderful!!!!!!!!

Trenton had amazing eye contact with me today. He looked me in the eye for about 5 seconds during lunch. It was awesome!

We haven't been successful on the IPad the past two days. This is the story with autism.....some days he can do things and some days he just simply can't. I am hoping we have a successful  experience tomorrow!

A few days ago, Trenton was playing with his play doh and using his play doh cutters to make shapes. He was missing a few pieces and he didn't like it. He picked up his play doh shape cutters and grabbed my hand. He took me to the front door. I knew that he wanted to go and try to find the piece that he was missing but I had no idea where it could be. I distracted him and he cried but after about 30 minutes he let it go and went on to something else. I know that Trenton knew where the piece was but he could not tell me. My guess was either Nana's house or the play yard area since he didn't look in our house for it. A few days later Aunt Mindy brought the shape cutter to us because he left it at their house. Trenton's face just glowed  when I gave it to him. How awful is that to know where you left your toy but you simply can't communicate that to your mom. The only thing he knew to do was to take me to the door. That was his way of telling me we need to get my toy. This has really bothered and has made me sick just thinking about it. I have often thought that we all need to not talk and use limit forms of communication for one day and see what it is like for Trenton. I am sure we all would be thankful when the day was up. Unfortunately, Trenton's is an everyday experience.

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