Friday, September 6, 2013

Quick Update

Trenton ended his school  & therapy week doing amazing things! His teacher said he tried to imitate some of the students today during a song. WOW!!
It has been 3 weeks of this good phase. I hope and pray it keeps going!!
He is still waking up in the night this week. I am starting to panic. I do not want to give him more medicine but I need sleep to be able to raise a child with autism and handle the daily struggles that brings.

A few things that Trenton is doing now that we weren't 6 months ago
  • He is able to handle about 5 minutes with only his diaper on. 6 months ago he would barely let me dry him off after our "bath attempts" because he had to have his 4 layers of clothes on ASAP!
  • He will go for an extended period of time at night without socks on. Again, 6 months ago our "bath attempts" had to be with socks on.
  • He tolerates Andrew for awhile before he starts to get aggressive with him.
  • He will let me brush his teeth very lightly while I sing the "ABC"song.  6 months ago, the attempt at trying to brush our teeth just led to a meltdown.

A few things Trenton continues to do and is getting worse as he gets older is
  • He is a big chewer. He needs chewy toys to help him cope with his anxiety. Most of the time, he always has something in his mouth chewing on it. Most of the time it is his sippy cup. I have to buy new sippies every month because he chews right through the tip of them.  Trenton thrives a lot from oral sensory output right now and that is chewing on a hard surface to release input and anxiety. 
  • Trenton does less physical stimming but he is doing more oral stimming. Trenton always has noises coming out of his mouth in the late afternoon and evening hours. This is his way of releasing his input from the day and releasing anxiety from school and therapy. The noises are not babbling, it is just random noises.

Keep up the hard work Trenton!! I know this is not easy for you but you are  such a strong boy and you show that to me everyday!! I love you sooooooo much!

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