Saturday, September 28, 2013


Saturdays are always rough for Trenton. We have no therapy, no school, and Mommy always has house hold items to take care of. However, we usually manage and get through it. I always try to incorporate something to do out of the house to add a change in the routine. Today we went to The Shreves Pumpkin Patch in Fairfield. We had lots of fun but it is never a relaxing time. We were only there a few minutes shy of a half hour but in that half hour both boys were all over the place. Trenton would have rather run away and kept on running away but I redirected him back. The patch was right next door to the family's house. Trenton really wanted to go on the porch and line her plants and flowers up differently. This was a chore to keep on redirecting him from the front porch. However, we left and did not have any meltdowns. We left when I could feel one coming on. The best thing to do is to leave before it happens because it doesn't matter if you ignore him during a meltdown or stare at him the whole time, he doesn't know how to stop himself for a very very long time.

Andrew enjoyed himself and you can see lots more of what Andrew did on our family blog.

 Trenton enjoyed running and the mazes!!
 Trenton used his headphones for a while today. He seemed to be very calm when they were on too!
 We did lots of floor puzzles today
We did a new next activity today and it was finger painting.

 Trenton got it all over his face and hair, No big deal!!! He had a good time so that is all that matters.

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