Monday, September 9, 2013


I wish I understood autism. Trenton is back to very little sleep each night. It's a wonder how I am still functioning each day. The last two weeks have been awful and even more awful the last three nights. Last night our day started at 1:30 AM and we only slept for about two hours before this. Saturday night our day started at 12:30 AM. On Friday night we were up and down all night long.
Trenton even had his new medicine last night and it obviously didn't help. He takes two medicines at night to help him and they do not work consistenly. UGH!
His OT told me today that she is afraid Trenton is one that nothing will work for him consistently. I'm afraid so too!
The little sleep did not effect his school and therapy today. He actually did wonderful in his therapies. Mondays are our busy days. I pick him up at 10:30 from school, we head straight to Olney for therapy and then we head straight home for ABA in our house. All three sessions of therapy was FANTASTIC! From my understanding, so was school! Sleep does not effect his behavior.

Andrew has Hand Foot Mouth disease right now. He hasn't felt good the past few days at all. He still felt like playing with Mommy while Trenton was in ABA.

 After his bath he hid out in his room for awhile. I found him sitting in his Elmo chair looking at a book.
 He received a birthday gift today and he LOVES it!! It's horses!!!

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