Thursday, September 12, 2013

This one takes the icing for my worst night ever

Trenton walked into school so well today. If I would have told anyone what I went through the night before, I am sure NO ONE would have believed me.

I thought I had seen Trenton at his worst before but last night takes the icing. The exact time was 11:15 when it all began.......
Trenton is awake crying, screaming, roaming around the house like a lost puppy. The next thing I know Andrew is awake crying. Both crying for 45 minutes until Andrew goes back to sleep. This was just the beginning.
For the next four hours Trenton screamed, cried, ran himself into walls, hit himself in the face, covered his ears shaking his head, turned the lights on, turned the lights off, turned his music on, turned his music off, threw his sippy, threw his toys, threw himself on the ground and made his body as stiff as a board, relaxed, threw himself in our kitchen cabinets, and stiffened again screaming out in pain. I did EVERYTHING to help him.........nothing worked. What does a mom do when she is watching her child do this and nothing can help him?????????????????????????????????? She sits and cries and day dreams about what he would be like if autism never existed! Finally, at 3:45 he let me give him a car ride. This calmed him and after driving around for 15 minutes he was asleep. I carried my three year old baby and put him to bed and collapsed next to him and fell asleep on a prayer. A prayer I never finished. Maybe there was a reason it was never finished. I'm not so sure it was going to be nicest prayer ever.

Therefore, when he walked in to school as happy as can made the hellish night disappear for a few seconds.
Lots more to say but sleep sounds so much better right now.

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