Friday, September 13, 2013

Trenton Trenton

Andrew spent the night last night with Nana again. When I walked into Nana's house to get him this morning, Andrew comes running to me saying, "Trenton Trenton". Andrew was very disapponted when it was Mommy.
I picked Andrew up and him and I went to the park. We had some fun Mommy and son time together. We had the park to ourselves. As soon as another kid came to the park and started playing, Andrew ran to the kid saying, "Trenton Trenton" Andrew ran across the whole park to get to his little boy and he was very disappointed once again to find that it wasn't Trenton.
Do you know how this breaks my heart!!!! Andrew loves Trenton and Trenton has NOTHING to do with him. I would do ANYTHING if Andrew had a neuro typical brother to play with every day. I do not just cry tears everyday over Trenton.....they flow as equally for Andrew.

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