Sunday, September 1, 2013


Trenton had been wonderful lately! I hope and pray this last. Numerous individuals told me it would get better as he got older. I am praying "the better" is starting now!

Today we meet a wonderful family, The Ellerbeck family at Charley Brown Park.  They have a BEAUTIFUL boy with autism. Luke has the most gorgeous set of blue eyes I have ever seen on a tall blonde hair boy. This family has been one of the several amazing individuals I have met since on the journey with autism. I truely enjoyed my visit with them and look forward to spending time with them again in the future.
Trenton did fantastic today at Charley Brown Park. He actually played on the playground! I am so very proud of him. I just can't brag enough on how good he has been lately!!

Our doctor visit on Friday went well too! She gave me a prescription for a much stronger medicine to help him sleep. I have not used it yet. I am going to see how the next two weeks go before I decide to use it. The doctor was over an hour late for our appointment. However, Trenton handled it very well! I could not keep him away from her computer during that long wait...

This evening before church, Trenton had a great time with Pops!! He was putting his Mr. Potato head items on Pops.

We are still not having any meltdowns too!! Its been a long time with NO MELTDOWNS!!! Keep it up T!!!

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