Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Trip to the Dentist

Trenton had his first trip to the dentist today. At his three year well check Trenton's doctor referred us to a pediatric dentist. Due to his sensory problems, brushing teeth is next to impossible. Over time I noticed some very dark spots on his front teeth. I wanted to make sure they were only stains from his supplements and not cavities. It has bothered me for a long time and when I had Dr. Klingler look during his three year check up he agreed it needed to be looked at.

Trenton did very good today! Did he behave like a normal three year old? Heck No! Did I prepare myself for this? Heck yes! I knew what to expect and I was prepared therefore, we had a great experience. The dentist, Dr. Byers, was exceptional! He was fantastic with Trenton and great with me. He prepared myself and went over everything before the exam. At one point, I felt like I was in a high school wrestling practice. He was discussing with me and showing me how to hold him down in order for him to get a good look at his teeth. Between the Dr. Byers, his assistant, and myself, we held him down and got a very quick exam. The spots were stains that were in small crevices in his teeth. He took a drill and shaved the top of his teeth down. In return, this took away the majority of the stains!!!

I was glad when it was all over and I am sure Trenton was too. It takes all my willpower and strength to help hold my son down who does not understand for one second what is going on. The look of fear in his eyes the whole time was about enough to knock me off my feet. However, I kept standing through the grace of God!

I highly recommend this dentist to anyone who has a child with special needs. The dentist won me over when he stopped what he was doing and kissed Trenton and told him to hang in there. Overall, we had a great experience today. Anything can be a decent experience if you are with people who care and understand!

Andrew rode along for the ride today! Trenton and Andrew both loved the dentist office! The pictures turned out awful but you can get a good idea on how neat the dentist office was.

 I'm mad at you Mommy! I am not looking at you!


  1. I’m glad the appointment turned out well overall. I think the dentist has done a great job. You’re lucky to have found him! Trenton probably just needs a bit more time to warm up to him. After all, it’s his first time.

    Florence Sparks

  2. That’s pretty much how you'd expect a three year old boy to behave on his first dentist trip. And in that case, you can only depend on the dentist’s expertise and experience in dealing with a situation like that. It was a good thing you found a great dentist for Trenton. Let’s hope the future experiences will turn out better.

    Justene Doan @ A+ Family Dentistry