Thursday, February 27, 2014

All 11 Stations & Stop!!!

Trenton continues to have a great week! Yesterday at school Trenton was teacher's helper. When it was time to choose where to play, he read and said "All 11 stations." WOW!!!

Today, he had the best ABA session with Heather that he has had in a long time. He was able to control his behavior, did not hit himself, and had a great work ethic! After we arrived home from therapy, I asked him to type for Nana and Pop. I gave him his iPad and he typed "cat". We all clapped and praised him. I told him to type us another word. He typed "stop", turned his body to look at me, and pushed the iPad away!! WOW!!!! Trenton James you are so smart!! I believe he will be a typist on his own term, just like Carly Fleischmann. I have recommended the book, Carly's Voice on my blog before. This is a terrific book wrote by Carly's father.  Carly is a non-verbal woman with autism who types to communicate. However, when she was younger, she typed on her terms only! Carly's father devoted every minute outside of his job to advocate for his daughter. He still does even though she is a grown woman now. This is a phenomenal book about one family's story and the amazing bond between a father and his daughter with autism.

Trenton continued to be very lovable today. He actually kissed and hugged me on his own terms. He kissed me on my lips!! He normally turns his head away and let's me kiss him. I must say....Trenton is having a fabulous week!!

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