Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Few Updates on Trenton

Communication Update

I love working with Trenton on the Proloquo communication device. There are days where he responds better to letters than pictures. The great thing about Proloqouo is  that is has both!

One of the things that I love to do is type " I love you" to Trenton. Once I type it out, I hit a button, and a voice says what was just typed out. I typed this a few times to him on Monday. He watched me do it and smiled each time. After a few minutes he types "ilve". I have no doubt in my mind he was trying to type, " I love you". Was he just repeating this because I had just typed it out? Was he typing it because he learned that from me and wanted to tell me? I don't know! However, I tell myself it is because he loves me and wanted to tell me!

I asked him to type cake the other day. He typed "cke". Pretty close!!
He randomly typed "baby" the other day and he typed it correctly.

He still continues to try to say a few words a day. The most recent new words he has said were at school. He said "soap" and "walk".
He continues to label items very well in his therapies.
The very extremely difficult task is to cross the bridge over into daily functional speech.

Potty Training

This has not been going well the past month. For the most part, he fights me, kicks, and cries when I try to make him potty in a toilet. We are months if not years away from being potty trained. I call it a success if I can get him to sit on a toilet for a few seconds once a day.

Anxiety Issues

As he gets older, this gets worse. He is learning new ways to deal with his anxiety. Two years ago, he screamed and cried the majority of his day. Now, he will hit himself in the head and his body will act really anxious. This behavior starts full force around mid-day. Why mid-day? He has been at school for two and a half hours and has had at least one therapy session. These are difficult task for Trenton to do. However, he is extremely smart and does a fantastic job at hiding his anxiety until mid-day. This is when his body needs to start releasing some anxiety in order for him to cope with the rest of his day.

I hope we can get past the stage of hitting himself in the head. I fear this is turning into a self stimulatory behavior. This happens in a lot of cases. Most everyone thinks of children with autism stim by flapping their hands or rocking back and forth. These are only two of hundreds of different ways children with autism stim and release their anxiety.

Trenton continues to do a lot of vocal stimming. These are his constant noises that come out of his mouth. He likes to visually stim too. Visual stimming can appear that he is just making a funny face at an object. He has done this several times when the people around us have chuckled and asked what he is doing. Well to be frank, it's not funny.  Its a quick few seconds that he releases some anxiety and releases some output from his day up to that point.


Can't even begin to describe. Only another mom or dad who sits up with their son can understand this issue. Trenton was in a good phase for a long time. Now..well....the past two weeks he has barely slept. In two weeks, he has only slept decent two nights. He goes to bed around 8:30 PM and is up by 11:30 PM and sometimes he will go back to sleep and sometimes we are up for the day. No joke!

What does Mommy and Trenton do in the night? Trenton paces up and down the length of our house while shaking his arms and legs. Sometimes he will stop, throw himself down on the floor, scream, and shake his legs and arms some more. He gets up and continues this for the next 4-5 hours. All the while he is vocally stimming NON-STOP! Mommy drinks two pots of coffee in that time. I try to bounce him on his therapy ball to help him release some anxiety so he can sleep. I play some relaxing music to help calm him. I try to play a relaxing video to help calm him. I try with every force in my body to keep my eyes opened. I pray for strength to get through the night. I cry because the pain of watching my child suffer is so unbearable at times. I panic when Andrew is up crying for me. Mommy can't be in two places at the same time taking care of both children in the night. If only the walls in our house could talk. They would have one ugly real life family story to tell.

Other Random Updates

He has been mean to Andrew again. He has had low patience with Andrew. He has hit Andrew numerous times in the head and back. 
He has not ate paper lately! Instead, he has started chewing on his shirts around mid-day.

He still continues to be fairly hyper and full of energy. I believe this is a way of him releasing anxiety from his day too. For example, I was in the kitchen trying to make supper the other day. This is what happens when I try to cook when Trenton is having a day where he needs to release.

He tears up my curtain rod....
 Tears up my couch and smashes his snack all over my couch
 and the floor. This all happened in a matter of minutes. Therefore, I spent my whole evening when I should have been!

1 John 5:4 - For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, [even] our faith.

Mark 9:23 - Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things [are] possible to him that believeth.

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  1. Going to sleep and then waking two or three hours later, and then walking, are very typical of those of us with restless leg syndrome. It is most common in adult women, but there are a number of cases of children with it as well. Since he is shaking his arms and legs, I think it's a possibility. And it would certainly explain his lack of sleeping. You can ask a doctor about it. There are fairly good treatments for it now, and it might be worthwhile to try him on one of the medications.