Saturday, June 21, 2014

Autism Awareness Event

Any time I am notified of an Autism Awareness event that is close to the area I try my best to attend. There was an event in Mattoon today and we had nothing on the agenda so we went! It was completely worth it! The event was at the YMCA.
 The YMCA had three huge bounce houses. Trenton loves bounce houses. The boys were excellent at the YMCA. Trenton tuned everything out and had a great time. Trenton was oblivious to everything around him besides the bounce houses.  Andrew wasn't scared and followed in Trenton's steps the whole time and had fun too!

When both boys are together, it takes at least 3 people to take them off the farm. I am dead serious! Pops took the day off of work to help Nana and I with the boys.
Before the autism event, we stopped at a playground in Effingham. It took all three of us to manage the boys.
They had fun going down the slide. Andrew followed Trenton every time and they both enjoyed it!

 Andrew's pouty face
 Another pouty face

The autism awareness event even had a Blues Clues bounce house. I was very surprised but the boys barely went in this one.

Trenton had so much fun in the bounce houses. He was so happy!

Andrew had fun doing this little game with Pops.
 Actually this is very good for Andrew. It helps work the motor part of his brain where he has deficits in.
 He went 100 mph for one complete hour and then he crashed.....

I met my friend Erica, her husband Brent, and their beautiful daughter, Haley who has autism. I think the below picture speaks a thousand words. The parents are all smiling at the camera but not one child is looking at the camera.

Unfortunately, even though Trenton was good at the event..him and I both are paying the price as I type this. He can't settle his body down at all. He had way too much stimulation and he can't filter it out. This is the reason why we don't do very many events like this or even go away from our "normal" schedule much because there is always a huge price to pay.

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