Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ups and Downs

As always, the past few days have had its ups and downs. First, lets talk about the good!!!
I am so happy and proud of Trenton in the fact that he has ate fairly well the past three days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that is one area that I fail at educating people one. For the last 6 months, Trenton has only ate pizza, pork roast, McDonald's chicken nuggets, cake, and ice cream. On Monday when given a choice between pizza or spaghetti, he picked spaghetti!!!!! He has ate one serving of spaghetti a day since! He has also ate scrambled eggs and french fries! He use to love both of these about a year ago but has not ate them for a very long time. A daily stress is always figuring out what Trenton will eat. I hate to admit that I have wasted a lot of food the past few years because of his picky eating.

Another moment to celebrate was tonight. When  I came home from church, Trenton smiled and said "mom". It made my night!!

Like I said, we have had some not so good moments this week too.  I have no idea what sleep is this week. On Tuesday morning Trenton fell asleep on our first car ride. So I pull in my drive at 8 AM. I know he will wake up if I try to move him so I lay my seat back in hopes of getting some shut eye myself in my van in my driveway. Now that is an example of sleep deprivation!

Here he is sleeping in our driveway after a rough night.


Last night, Tuesday night, I battled a horrible meltdown from Andrew. He was tantruming all evening and it turned into a full blown autistic meltdown which lasted for over one hour. Thank goodness that Trenton was having a good night because Mommy's hands were completely tied with Andrew. Sometimes it is extremely difficult with just Mommy and two autistic boys when one is having a meltdown. Many children on the spectrum's behavior gets worse as they get older. Andrew's behavior is so up and down. His mood and personality can  change drastically in an instant, just like Trenton.

I was so mentally exhausted after batting the boys and  in particularly Andrew's meltdown on Tuesday evening . I was hoping for a good start to our Wednesday. Our morning was very rough. Mommy was lucky to get the boys fed, ready, and out the door by herself. However, we managed. As the day went on, it turned out to be a good day.

The boys did good in therapy. Ms. Jill let Trenton take home his favorite toy from speech which are these animals....

He had to hold the giraffe in his car seat the whole time.
I want to point out the new 5 point harness booster seat that I had to get Trenton. Last Wednesday on the way home from therapy, Trenton was getting out of his car seat and standing up in the van while I was driving. Not good!! Mommy had to pull over numerous upon numerous times. Andrew just kept on looking at Trenton saying, "Trenton!" I think Andrew knew that Trenton was not suppose to be getting out of his booster. It was a really bad car ride last Wednesday with the boys so I ordered him a new one! This one is much safer!
As many car rides as the boys and I go on...we need to be safe.
Speaking of car rides....the other morning at 7 AM we were on a car ride and we ran into Pops in his road grader. Andrew was very happy....can you tell????

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