Saturday, July 19, 2014

Yes/No & Pictures from the week

This past week in therapy, Andrew's therapist starting working on yes/no questions with him. Andrew would be asked, "Is this a __________?"  In the blank would be a picture of an item that he knew, such as a bird. Andrew would have to answer yes or no while he was shown the picture card for yes/no. From what I gathered, this was extremely difficult for Andrew. I don't believe he answered anything. Unfortunately, this is no surprise to me. I have noticed lately while working at home with him myself, that he had no real concept of what yes/no means. Andrew has a lot farther to go in understanding language that what it appears to most people.

All smiles Thursday morning going to therapy!
 When he goes to see Heather on Tuesdays with Trenton, he loves to play with the Despicable Me character.

Trenton and Andrew work well for Heather. I think Trenton loves the fact that Andrew is with him during his session.

Andrew loves his structure play time with Mommy too!

 One morning this week, Andrew curled up with me on the loveseat. I started humming the tune to "The Old Rugged Cross", he accidentally fell asleep for a few minutes.

 Trenton has spelled a lot this week. A new word for him this week was "bear". He was working on his alphabet puzzle and spelled bear:)

The poor guy has had an awful week sleeping. When he has such a hard time with his sleep, that is when I  love to take pictures of him when he is out of his misery and finally sleeping.

The boys with their Pops tonight. All three had Illinois shirts on. The picture like always, speaks many words with neither boy looking at the camera...

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