Sunday, September 27, 2015


Tonight was the first time in a long time that I witnessed erratic, wild behavior from Trenton. Trenton has been great lately on his medicine. Overall he is so much calmer and more aware of what is going on. He has done an amazing job listening to me and following directions. I just can't express how great it has been with him on his medicine. Then completely out of the blue, things took a 180.  Before I knew what was going on he was getting on the kitchen table and jumping off. He would run straight into the wall with his arms out in front of him as hard as he could. He would run and jump into the doors and windows. I was trying my best to calm him down but nothing helped. He was out of control. I used to manage this every night.... I have no idea how I did it. Now that he is on medicine that is working with him, it makes life so much more manageable!
Somehow, we only managed to walk away this evening with one curtain rod ripped down.

Trenton's behavior lasted 55 minutes. During that time he also attacked Andrew. In return, Andrew attacked him. Andrew did a 180 and could not settle down. He would sit on my lap screaming and crying and then want to jump off to attack Trenton again. Andrew eventually cried himself to sleep yelling very mean things at Trenton. I know Andrew didn't mean what he was yelling at Trenton, he just can't control his behavior.

What makes autism do this? It is so frustrating. His psychiatrist explained it so well how their bodies are wired completely different than a neurotypical person. To make matters worse, their bodies change every day and their "wiring" is different from one day to the next which makes finding the right medicine so difficult.  This Super moon that is going on tonight does not help the matter! I am a firm believer in the fact that the  moon effects the autistic brain. FIRM BELIEVER! My notes prove it!

On a good note, our new pet made it home this weekend! Andrew insist that her name is, Lightening. Wonder where he got that name from?!?! HA! I hope to get a better picture later this week! Thank you to the boys father for putting together the rabbit hutch!
Trenton is just as excited as Andrew to have a bunny now. Trenton kept saying, "bunny" over and over while smiling.

 I also got to spend time with my new nephew, Ledger.

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