Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fun Saturday!

We had a fun Saturday!!! The boys just love going  back to our old home. For the past week, Andrew has cried to "go home to Nana's house." He has asked me repeatedly every day when we were going. Three weeks with our house being the only house the boys has seen is just too long. They need to get out too!

They could not have been happier today! Trenton even swung with a kitty and said, "kitty."

 It is not a visit to Flora without taking a ride on Sugar.

 You can tell by his smile that he is so happy! He was in love with Sugar today! He had a great time taking his pony ride:)

 We also made our annual appearance at Flora's pumpkin patch. The boys had a great time as usual!

 The corn maze was great as always!

After the pumpkin patch, Pops took Trenton back to his house. Andrew, Nana, and Mommy went to the Ingrams Log Cabins. This is where Andrew's issues with autism came out full force. If it is not something that grabs Andrew's attention, then his problems show really bad. We received many looks and comments today. Andrew stimmed making very loud noises. I think every person in the place heard his noises and gave us some sort of look....

However, he did enjoy eating a funnel cake.
 And he loved it when we played "dress up." This is Andrew and Mommy's "old timer" picture. I just love the look on his face! I hate being serious in photos!!!!!!!

When we got  back home from the log cabins, Mommy and Nana were extremely jealous because Pops had Trenton asleep on his lap!!!
Trenton is very snugly this weekend!

We came home and had fun outside!
 Trenton even enjoyed a long 4 wheeler ride!!!


  1. We did do a lot.....Nana is tired!!! I'm the only one up and it is only 9:30!!!