Monday, September 28, 2015

Was it the moon?

I have many people wondering how the night went....TERRIBLE! We were up the entire night. I was on pins and needles hoping that he would not wake up Andrew. Andrew only woke up once and I managed to get him back to sleep while Trenton  was making havoc on his bedroom.

Trenton has only slept all the way through the night twice in like two months but last night was terrible. I wonder if the Super moon had something to do with it or if his medicine is slowly starting to wear off. I guess time will tell.

The pictures don't do it justice but in these pictures are a whole bag of cookies that were dumped and crumbled out during his wildness. He tore up every piece of paper that he could get a hold of. He was wild!! I am surprised that we didn't wake up the whole entire block. I am not sure how anyone in this house stayed asleep let alone the whole entire block.
To top it off, he cried for two straight hours. It was his screaming cry. He was so mad that his body wasn't letting him sleep. It was  pure torture to watch.
Unfortunately, I had a million things to do today and was unable to get my two hours in today of sleep. Any one want to judge me.....well please just pack your bag and live with us for awhile. You will get a real good idea of what my life is like and I would love to know if you could handle it on your own for as long as I have.

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