Sunday, October 4, 2015

2015 Walk Now for Autism Speaks Terre Haute

Our 4th year of walking for Autism Speaks is in the book!
My first year as Walk Chair is over with. It is definitely different being at the walk as a participant than being the walk chair! Very different! It didn't allow a lot of time for me to be around my family but at the same time, I enjoyed helping the other families have a memorable day:)

The boys loved the balloon artist. Andrew wanted a horse and he called it, Sugar.

Andrew had the balloon artist make Trenton a tiger:)

I asked Andrew what his favorite part of the walk was and he said, "Seeing Spiderman Mom!"

It has been 4 1/2 years since I have seen my friend, Bri. Way too long! So thankful she made the drive to TH.
Opening ceremony. I started to cry and fought back the tears. Needless to say what I had planned to say didn't come out....

This is just part of our group this year. We had a few family members get sick and they had to leave before the walk ended. We appreciated everyone  who made the trip and who bought shirts.


  1. In that group pic, we also had one lucky gal that was at the Raffle table picking up her winnings!!! Congrats, Julie, and a big thank you for coming out to support our family!!!!

  2. I am an autistic person and I am against Autism Speaks. Their fearmongering promotional material perpetuates stereotypes while they exploit and use autistic people as figureheads. They have reformed slightly, but I still don't trust them.