Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I received a call yesterday from the Vigo County School District. They were going through Andrew's test scores from August and basically just now decided that he qualifies for special education through the school district. This was two months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the day of his evaluation, Andrew completely fooled them due to his ability to talk and his love for people and it appears that they didn't look into detail of his test scores. They just passed us off that day and said that he wouldn't qualify. Just now, the special education coordinator went through Andrew's test scores that day and determined that he needs special education. She admitted that he scored so high in some areas but at the same time he scored extremely low in other areas that puts him way below his peers at his age. That is very common with autism so I am not sure why this was not "flagged" at the time?????? Mommy is on "high alert" now if you know what I mean:)

As they say, "Parents know best." I questioned them that day about him not qualifying in certain areas. I was trying my best to give them the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, I am just baffled that I got a call yesterday stating how they want Andrew to get into special education because they aren't comfortable with him not receiving the special education services that he needs.
I even tried to tell then that day that yes he is a talker but if you talk to him long enough or if you give him more than one question at a time, he gets flustered and can't communicate correctly.

I won't get into any other detail. However, we discussed as family and we are going to keep Andrew where he is at for now at Memorial Preschool for several reasons. If things start to go really bad for Andrew, I can call the school district up at any time and get him enrolled in the special education program.
Memorial Preschool has had a few issues last week with Andrew pushing and hitting other children. He tells other kids inappropriate things because he doesn't know how to go up to another child and talk. However, Memorial preschool is aware and we are all watching this. We will see how it goes:)

Andrew is in a phase right now where he wants to print off pictures from the computer and hang in his room. It is so cute:)

Andrew insist that Trenton's stuffed bunny goes in the rabbit hutch with Lightning.

He is definitely in a Larry Boy phase again.

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  1. Oh my!!!..take that Reese's bunny out of that cage!! ha! It is special to Nana. Uncle Brian got that for Trenton on his second Easter. I will never forget how he reacted to it!!!! It is a special memory!