Thursday, October 8, 2015

Animal Erasers-Bunny-Mommy

Andrew and Daddy hanging out on Tuesday evening.

Andrew and Mommy this morning before preschool.  He had a difficult time going into preschool today but he eventually went in.

When I picked him up, I asked him if he was good this week so he could pick a prize out of the prize box. Andrew said, "Yes, Mom. I got animals for Trenton again." For the second week in a row he picked out two animal erasers for Trenton.  Love, love the fact that he thinks of his brother before himself:)

Every day when I pick Andrew up I ask him what he did. He always tells me one thing he did that day. When I ask what else he did, he always replies, " I can only tell you one thing now Mom."

He is still doing a great job taking care of Lightening.
 Yesterday when I picked up the boys from Harsha, as soon as we pulled out of their parking lot, I hear Trenton say, "Bunny. Bunny." I am confident that he was telling me that we needed to go home to take care of their bunny. It was too cute!

 Trenton does an amazing job giving Lightening lettuce and carrots everyday!

Last night when Andrew was sitting on my lap watching Frozen as he was falling asleep, Trenton came walking down the stairs. As he was walking down the stairs, I hear "Mommy. Mommy." It was that sweet music to my ear that I needed!  It was the first time Trenton has said my name while looking for me in the house. I loved every second of it!!!!

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