Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Constipation Issues....I think!

It has been almost 24 hours of off and on crying for Trenton. This Mommy just can't hardly take it anymore! His crying is nothing like a meltdown or tantrum. It is the huge crocodile tears, huge frown, and babbles that come out of his mouth.  Oh how I wish I knew what was making him cry for the past 24 hours. However, as always, I think I know. I am very aware and keep mental notes of the boys daily. Trenton has had constipation problems lately. He hasn't had a BM lately. Trenton went from having loose stools constantly to finally getting to where he was going once a day...FINALLY. But now, we are battling the other issue. From what I have read, it is either one way or the other with kids on the spectrum. From what I have seen the past two weeks with Trenton and his constipation, I would rather have his loose stools back!

With all of that said, I believe he is distressed and is in some constipation pain. He doesn't touch or point to what hurts like most children would. When something hurts he just stands and cries. It makes me ill just thinking how frustrating that has to be. It breaks my heart to see him crying and not knowing why the pain isn't going away. I know he must be so confused and as his mother, I would do anything to make it better.

He cried through his whole speech session this morning. From what I know, he is doing a lot of crying at Harsha today.
Let's pray and hope for a BM soon!

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  1. My poor baby.....autism really is a "whole body" affliction. So many people don't realize this. Pray for poop tonight!!!!