Friday, October 2, 2015

Full Day of Setting Up!

The big day is tomorrow!!!

Andrew was a great little boy today and went with Mommy to set up for the big day!

 He also took some breaks and ran with one of his coaches:)
 And he rode a trike with another coach:)
 And Trenton enjoyed his van ride to Mommy with three of his coaches:)
We are looking forward to spending our Autism Speaks Walk with our "family" at Harsha!

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  1. Well said..they are "family"! Every time I am around the Harsha coaches that work with Andrew and Trenton I am impressed, and in awe of how much it shows they love what they do and LOVE the kids they work with!
    I sure miss seeing my babies every day, but it gives me peace of mind knowing they are in such good hands!