Sunday, October 18, 2015

Halloween Party

I don't think it is possible for one to imagine what it has been like lately in this house. Both boys are in a bad phase right now. However, I will talk about what has been going tomorrow. With what I have been dealing with for the past two just doesn't leave much time for anything other than headaches. However, I did host my first Halloween party for family and friends today. I hope to start a tradition and keep the Halloween party going every year. I was blessed to have a few autism families come today. I think it is very important to know the other families raising children with autism in the community. It helps on so many different levels!
Thanks for everyone that came and thanks to Nana who stayed with us the past three days so I could attend Open House, do things that needed to be done, and to help me get ready for the party today! We appreciated it more than she knows! We  missed Daddy and many other family members who were unable to attend.

We did a superhero theme this year for our Autism Speaks walk and we are keeping it going for Halloween this year!
 Andrew insisted on being Spiderman. Trenton can't tell me what he wants to be. However, I thought Batman and Robin was perfect for Trenton and I.
 Loved how Ashlie and Aaron dressed up!!!
 Everyone enjoyed getting a prize out of the "Mystery Box"

 Andrew and Nana had fun making pumpkin faces on our pumpkins.

 Trenton tore the pinata down before we could even do it. Jentry's daddy fixed it for us but it didn't last long. Oh well... the kids still enjoyed hitting it on the ground:)

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