Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Weekend

The boys and I came to Flora this weekend to enjoy the Halloween festivities. Since Daddy works evenings and weekends, it would have been impossible to take the boys trick or treating by myself. Plus, neither boy likes to go up to unfamiliar houses due to their anxiety. Therefore, we went to the same places that we have their entire life in order to enjoy just a few minutes of "normal" life.

Today, we went to the Fall festival in Louisville that we have always tried to do the last three years. Trenton did okay for awhile but I had to leave and take him to the van. We sat in the van while Andrew finished enjoying the parade with Nana and Pops. I could not imagine trying to do these type of "normal" things in a bigger area where there is even more people and more stimulation. I ended up having to carry Trenton to the van. I was in a dead sweat by the time I reached the van. He is getting so  big....very soon we won't even be able to try things because I won't be able to carry him. He is getting so big these days.
It was difficult to keep Trenton there as long as I did today. I am starting to think that Trenton may be one person with autism that just can never go and do "normal" holiday activities. If that is the case, then that is perfectly fine! After all, he is the one with the disability that does not allow him to do things. I had 30 years where I could enjoy simple outings and I just feel blessed and grateful that I had that. Trenton will never have that. Therefore, if Trenton can't do things, then as a family, we will just do what we can in order to show support to Trenton and Andrew. Andrew can do much more than Trenton. However, I am really trying to make Andrew realize the importance of being grateful for what he can do in life and to be compassionate of Trenton. Trenton is way smarter than most people realize, Andrew too. They need to know that they are supported 100% of the time.

Here are a few photos of our very short trick or treating experience!

Aunt Barb and Bob always have special treats for them:)

 Nikki always has her special treats for them at the police station!
 They even got to see a police car.

 We ended our night with a hayride! Andrew loved the hayride he went on last Friday with me at the pumpkin patch. With that said, Andrew asked Pops to give him a hayride on the farm:)

 I was so proud of Trenton today. He followed me into the bathroom. I used the restroom and walked to the sink. As I was walking to the sink, Trenton said. "Mommy." Then he smiled great big and said, "Mommy wash hands." Oh I was so excited!!!!!!!!! I LOVE when he has a moment where his brain lets him say words!!
 Andrew filled up his pumpkin within the first 15 minutes of the parade this afternoon!! We came home with so much candy. Andrew even said at one point, "I'm tired of picking up candy."
 He had a lot of help from Pops. He had to point out the candy. Andrew was not the best at paying attention to where the candy landed.

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