Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Matthew 21:22

It has been rough lately but there are always blessings in those times. I know I have said this a thousand times on here and I will always say it, even in the worst of times there is always something good!
Yes it has been extremely hard lately with the phases that both boys are in right now but the boys sure can make it all better at times:) The love that I get from Andrew is amazing! I am so blessed that God granted him the ability to show love. I love the way he runs to me when I pick him up at Harsha and gives me a hug. I love it when he tells me spontaneously that he loves me! I love how he says, "Mommy". His smile can light up a room. There is no doubt that his special needs take every ounce of energy that I have but Andrew sure knows how to refuel me when I need it:)

Trenton always seems to know how to pick me up when I need it too. Even when he is crying for me and when he is having difficulties with his body, the way he reaches out to touch me to make sure that I am still there is the sweetest little touch I could ever feel. The smile that I get when I pick him up from Harsha every day is the sweetest smile in the world. I love his happy noises! I love each thing about him and more:)

This journey has most definitely thought me how to appreciate the little things in life. It is the little things that I thank God for daily that I took for granted before. No parent wants to see their child face a life full of challenges. However, even in the darkest hour of our lives there is always something to be grateful and thankful for. 

I was reading in Matthew today and I came across Matthew 21:22 which says, And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.

I love this verse. I can relate to this verse in so many ways. From the moment that I gave birth to the boys, I have always prayed for them. After their diagnosis with autism, is when it really became evident to me about the power of prayer! God has answered or is in the middle of answering so many of my prayers. He answered them a little differently than what I wanted but God knows what is best! . One small example is how we ended up in Terre Haute. God knew I wanted the best for my boys and my answer was here in Terre Haute. So yes, whatever we ask God we will receive! Prayer and faith is an amazing gift that he gave each and every one of us. If we have that we can always find the beauty in the middle of the hard times.
Even in our darkest hour, He is with us and answering our prayers. It is up to us to accept the answer that he gives us.

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