Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Our mornings are absolutely crazy in this house! Crazy! Wednesday mornings are the craziest! We leave 45 minutes earlier than normal in order for Trenton to have speech therapy. We are lucky to make it out the door with everything that we need for the day. Fortunately, we some how manage. Today when Trenton's speech therapist brought him out to Andrew and I after his session, she was extremely thrilled with the way his session went.

One of the things that I had asked her to work with Trenton on was yes/no questions.  She agreed that it would be a wonderful goal to work with him on. She has worked hard on this for several months now. Today, for the first time, Trenton answered a yes/no question for her without any prompts!!! He did it all by himself three times!!!!!! Three times during her session with him, Trenton said "yes"!!! Do you know how wonderful this is if we can get him to say yes or no to things!!! Wow...that would help out so much in life...just a simple yes or no would be a HUGE help!! So proud of you Trenton!! Keep up the hard work!! I was told he even said my name a few times today at Harsha!!!! So very proud of you T-man!!!

Both the boys perseverate on objects all the time. They both change what they perseverate on frequently. However, it is a huge part of their autism just like it is with many other individuals on the spectrum. Just the past few days, Trenton perseverates on his animals frequently. They have been going with him to Harsha and therapy.

 The Fire department visited Memorial Preschool today. Andrew loved it! He was so excited for it today. When we pulled up in the driveway for me to drop him off, he said. "Where are the fire trucks?" He was a little upset that  the fire trucks were not there waiting for him.

 He was rather proud of his fire fighter hat that he got today. I was proud of him for listening to what the firefighters had to say. On our way to Harsha from preschool, I hear Andrew say in the back, "Stop. Drop. And Roll."

I knew the hat would cause fights so I planned ahead and got Trenton one from The Dollar Tree!!

Daddy and the boys jumping on the trampoline Tuesday night! The boys can not get enough trampoline time lately.

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