Friday, November 13, 2015


At four years old, Andrew is a hoot!! He brings so much spirit and life to our family. Yes, he has his share of trials due to his mild autism but he has so many strengths at the same time. Andrew's progress has been incredible since starting therapy and especially since starting ABA 21 hours a week one year ago. In less than a year Andrew overcame his echolalia through his hard work. It is truly fascinating to look back at  his first four years of life to see his progress.

Here he his with his preschool teacher making a craft before his birthday celebration yesterday morning.

 He had a great time celebrating with his class.
Below are a few  things that Andrew is working hard on at Harsha.

 Waiting (EFL): Andrew will wait for 11 minutes after requesting a highly preferred item or activity.
• Group (VB-MAPP 9-M): Andrew will sit in a group for five minutes without disruptive behavior or attempting to leave the group.
• Intraverbal (VB-MAPP 15-M): Andrew will answer four different rotating WH questions about a single topic for six different topics.
• Intraverbal Associations (H9): Andrew will fill in the function when given the item.
• Intraverbal Associations (H8): Andrew will fill in the item when given the function.

I love how Andrew sees the world! He shows such innocence through everything. Individuals with mild autism take language literal and can not understand the other ways that  neurotypical people use language. A few examples below...
  • His coach told him he was going to turn into a cookie and he really thought he was going to.
  • I told him the other morning that he looked "sharp" in his outfit. He got really upset thinking that his clothes were actually sharp and going to hurt him.
  • He told me yesterday that his lead coach had to leave to take care of her son and that he didn't like that. He didn't like that fact that she had to leave so I explained to her that she was a mommy too. Andrew said, "No she can't be a mommy, she is a coach."
  • I said the other day, "Oh I got myself in a pickle. Andrew said, " No don't get in a pickle Mom. I want you to stay being my mommy. I don't want you to be in a pickle then you can't be my Mommy."
  •  The other morning the sun looked orange and Andrew flipped out in the car. "Mommy, the sun is yellow not orange. Turn it back to orange." he yelled.
  • I took him to eat at a restaurant called, Cackleberries one day. Andrew thought he had to eat berries there. The same goes for Applebees. He told me he had to eat apples there. He also wanted to know where the bees were.
As you can see, it is always interesting with Andrew around:)

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  1. But you can see where his logic comes in. Andrew actually makes more sense than the reality of it.